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    Engineered Group

    CATEGORY: Contractors & Construction

    Location: Sanford, Florida

    SERVICES: Website, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Photography, Video Production, LEAP 360

    Engineered Group's Full-Service Marketing Partner

    Engineered Group sets a high-standard for architectural and window film installation. What they needed help with was a company who understands their business and can handle all of their marketing efforts. To get the job done, they turned to our team at Howell Studios. We handle Engineered Groups website, social media efforts, content creation, paid advertising, and even created a virtual tour!

    About Engineered Group

    Engineered Group was established in 2002, by two veterans, Mike Deforest and Mark Ecker. Since then, Engineered Group is the premier choice for architectural finishes and glass films, in the greater Orlando Florida area and beyond. 

    They make it easy for you to upgrade and safeguard your interiors at a fraction of the cost of a renovation. From architecture overlays, to window film and decorative glass designs, they provide quick, easy, and cost-effective solutions for businesses and homeowners that want to give their interiors a protective facelift at a great value.

    Our Work For Engineered Group

    Their Website

    Engineered Group’s main objective was to create a website that accurately depicted the expertise and knowledge that they hold in the industry. Our team got to work creating a stellar website that accurately reflects their industry leading capabilities and service offerings.

    They understood that their website is the hub for all of their marketing initiatives, making it critical component of our team’s strategy and efforts moving forward.

    When creating their website we wanted to showcase their capabilities while educating visitors on their history of exceeding customers expectations. Visit their website here.

    Paid Advertising (Google Ads)

    We created a comprehensive Google Advertising plan that aimed to capture the bottom of the funnel traffic that existed in their service area as well as educated top of the funnel prospects on the unique value-add of their services. After creating an ad group for each of their services, we saw an immediate bump in quality web traffic and a consistent flow of inbound leads through the website. In the past year, we have generated 117 legit leads, just over 706,000 impressions. Website visitors from the Google Ads account for 55% of all their web traffic.

    Virtual Show Room

    To set themselves apart from their competition, Engineered Group opted to take advantage of our LEAP 360 virtual tour production service. We created a virtual showroom, highlighting their products in some of their featured projects. The virtual tour is on their website and is used as a selling / educating tool.

    Content Creation

    Engineered Group operates in a very visual industry. They help businesses and homeowners transform their interiors at a fraction of the cost of a typical renovation through decorative window films and architectural finishes that mimic the look of the real material (wood, stone, metal, etc.). Because of this, photography and video production were at the forefront of our efforts in helping market Engineered Group’s products and services.

    The End Result?
    Another Happy Client

    After all the hard work we have put into being Engineered Group’s full-service marketing partner, we are happy to add them to the rapidly growing list of happy clients we have helped! If you are wondering how we can do the same for your company, contact us today!

    See How We Can Do the Same for You

    We pride ourselves on being a true one-stop-shop for our clients. From stunning content creation to advertising, we do it all; even offering printing services for clients in need.

    See How We Can Do The Same For You

    We pride ourselves on being a true one-stop-shop for our clients. From stunning content creation to advertising, we do it all; even offering printing services for clients in need.

    Looking to Take Your Business to The Next Level?

    Ben Roesch Employee Headshot

    Ben Roesch

    Director of Marketing & Advertising


    Ben has extensive experience in the digital media industry spending time at Kodak as well as in agency settings. He attended college at Syracuse University, where he earned 2 degrees; one in Marketing and another in Finance. After starting his career in content writing, he transitioned into account management and paid advertising. There he developed a passion for working with clients to help them succeed online!

    Fun Fact

    • Ben spent half a year studying abroad in Hong Kong, even working for an emerging co-working space company.
    • Ben has a twin brother, Alex, who also lives in Rochester, NY.